What would you do if you were God?

Sometimes we look at the world and wonder what is going on. If there is a God - what on earth is he doing?

Here is an opportunity for you to ask these questions and to see what the Bible says about what God is actually doing.

  • 2 Sundays and a week of events

  • 4 Big Questions

  • Grill a Christian

  • The Mark Drama

  • and you!


Speaker: Grant Retief

Grant lives in Durban South Africa. Growing up he has lived half his life under apartheid and half in the new South Africa.
In 1993, his home church, St James in Capetown, came under the world spotlight as 12 people were killed and 50 seriously injured when gunmen opened fire during a regular evening service. While Grant wasn’t there during the politically motivated attack, some family members were and he was heavily involved in the aftermath. Since then Grant has studied, theology, political science and Xhosa (an indigenous South African language), he loves coffee, heavy metal, books, the Springboks… and his family.
Grant is visiting Toongabbie Anglican to do what he loves best, talking about the difference Jesus makes to real life. He’s tackling your questions about God, suffering, Christians and the Bible.

  • 20th Aug 10am - If I were God I would end all the pain
  • 20th Aug 6pm - If I were God I wouldn't only accept Christians
  • 27th Aug 10am - If I were God I wouldn't speak through a book
  • 27th Aug 6pm - If I were God I would accept all the good people

The Mark Drama

If I were God...

  • I wouldn't turn up in the middle of nowhere as a baby.

  • I wouldn't grow up to be a poor carpenter and teacher

  • I wouldn't let myself be captured and executed.

But according to the Bible, this is exactly what God did.

Experience the story for yourself in a fresh and unique way at, The Mark Drama.

Entry is free but tickets are required as spaces are limited

Two performances, click for more details and to reserve a spot. 

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Grill a Christian!

Turn up the heat and bring all your curly questions about God, Jesus, Christianity life, the universe and everything. Our three panelists are:

  • Grant Retief - South African Pastor (see above)
  • Dr Jordan Collier - Astrophysicist
  • Frank Federico - Historian and educator

22nd August 7:30 - 9pm at Toongabbie Anglican Church

<NB: THis event is not a BBQ!>

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