Assurance is ours

Have you ever wondered why you? Why am I the one with the tricky child? ..who has to live with depression? … who finds it so hard to find a job? …who has to deal with this, when others don't?

Esther asked herself a similar question as she considered why she had to be the one to marry the King, and then stand up for her people. 

Happy Mother's Day

Did you hear about the school in Canada that decided not to celebrate Mother’s Day? The decision has sparked a range of reactions across the world. While for the particular school, the decision may have been driven by wanting to accommodate those in non-traditional families, it also highlights the reality that Mother’s Day is a tough time for many. 

The countdown is on!

Did you know it’s only 21 days until Easter!
So, 3 weeks before this momentous date in the Christian calendar I wonder where your heart is? Are you feeling tired and ready for the (school) holidays? Or perhaps tired and not ready for the (school) holidays? Are you feeling excited? indifferent? not sure?

Katie Smith
The best news in the world

The most powerful message in the world is the death and resurrection of Jesus. Through him we have forgiveness and we have life. It changes our relationships with everyone, and Jesus breaks down barriers of all kinds. Some of the sharpest divisions in the world exist between the people of different countries in the world. And the death and resurrection of Jesus can provide a unity for all.

Murray ColvilleRaj, Mission
Mission & Prayer

Lifting my vision to God’s work in places far from my influence reminds me that, apart from prayer, I am helpless. Too often, however, I forget that apart from prayer I am helpless in all areas of my life. This week I finished reading The Praying Life by Paul Miller. It was a timely read for me. I have been reminded that I am completely dependent upon God for all things, big and small, in Toongabbie and overseas. There is nothing that I should be attempting or desiring or deciding or thinking about without prayer.

Ben AllenBen, Prayer