Welcome to Vision Month 2017

I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time.
At Toongabbie Anglican we want to maximise the impact of our church for Jesus, making the most of the time and resources God has entrusted to us. We are passionate about seeing thousands of people in our area encounter the hope, community and purpose that only comes from a true encounter with the extraordinary God. 
Over 2017 I've seen many of you grow in your knowledge and love of Jesus, stepping up in leadership, stepping out of your comfort zones to serve each other and to make Jesus known in our community. It has been a privilege to see. It's fantastic that many have found a church home here this year and I've been overjoyed to see others give their hearts to Jesus for the first time. 
My heart aches for the 90,000 in our immediate area. They all need Jesus. As a church, we represent a diverse range of ages and life stages, skills, experiences, passions and cultures. We are united by the gospel, and God has left us here to make Jesus known. 
Today, Vision Month begins. It is a time to celebrate the Diversity and Unity that God has blessed us with, and dream together about the future. May I encourage you to read through the Vision Booklet, and to pray for God’s work among us?

Raj Gupta