Diversity and Unity

Welcome to church today. 

Today is the day that we encourage all across our church to join us in going for a “prayer walk.” Some have turned this into a prayer drive, which is totally fine (provided you don’t close your eyes and drive at the same time). 

Our area is changing – and changing rapidly. New houses are going up. New people are moving in. We estimate that, in the 2145/6 postcodes, there are 90,000 people! And, did you know that the Parramatta LGA is ranked has having the highest forecast growth in NSW? The Lord has placed us in this area at this time (cf Acts 17:26) – one with enormous need, enormous opportunity, and enormous diversity.

It is right that missionaries are sent to the world to reach all nations. Yet, the Lord has placed us in a place where the people of the nations come and live. It is an extraordinary privilege – particularly as we understand that God’s plan for our world is that people from every nation can be forgiven. There was a time when confusion reigned, and people were united in their alienation to God. 

But through Jesus’ death and resurrection, this has changed. Diverse peoples can now be united – and all because of the Gospel.

I do hope that you might (or have already) join us today as we walk and pray. It is another way that is a tangible demonstration for us to trust in the God who is in control of all things.

Raj Gupta