Ordinary People coming to know the Extraordinary God

Welcome to church today. 

Today is a very special day for so many reasons. Last night was an amazing night to see the diverse ways that God is working among us. I was delighted to hear one of our youth saying that they didn’t want to miss the Boomers act! Today is also the middle of Vision Month – a time we have set aside for our church to refocus on what God has and is doing through our unity and diversity. However, today is also a special day for another reason. 

This evening, at 6pm church, we will be baptising Craig & Karen Riddell. You will hear their story at all services – from finding TAC on Google, to the meeting of many people that helped them on their journey, to then embracing the forgiveness of Jesus. Perhaps a better way to put to refer to these people are those that God worked through – ordinary people in our congregations, many of them new to church themselves, and yet God chose to work in extraordinary ways to help Karen and Craig find the extraordinary God.

This is the privilege that we have – to work together as the body and agents of the extraordinary God as we seek more ordinary people to come into the kingdom of the Son he loves.

It will be a great night of celebration again tonight, and a BBQ will follow church and the baptism. I hope that you might be able to join us.

Raj Gupta