Food, Faith and Camp

It’s been said that growing in your faith can be likened to the way your body feeds on meals. The analogy isn’t perfect, but it can be helpful. Your body gets its nutrition from your meals gradually. Each meal contributes to a more or less healthy diet. Skipping meals removes important nutrition from your body. Similarly, a steady diet of teaching and growing from the Bible is what feeds your faith. Poor teaching or skipping church or Growth Group or other opportunities to feed hinders your growth.

Often, perhaps usually, it’s not one great Bible talk or Growth Group that is important, but a regular diet of good teaching. But, for many of us there are memorable experiences that came in conjunction with good teaching and stimulated a significant growth in our faith.

We pray each year that this would be true of our One80 Youth Camp. Last week the leaders and teenagers went to Shoalhaven for three nights. We entered Middle Earth (the land of Lord of the Rings) and divided into competing teams. We competed against each other in many ways, having a lot of fun in the process. (Hobbits won, by the way). (PS. If you’ve read this far, please let me know. Thanks!)

Now the camp is over, we keep praying that the teenagers (and the leaders) would look back on the camp as a memorable ‘meal’ which stimulated a significant growth in their faith.

Ben Allen