Vision Sunday 2017

Welcome to church today, the day we have called Vision Sunday. For the last month, we have taken time to celebrate the unity that we have in Jesus, and the diversity that he has blessed us with. We have had so much to give thanks for – with diverse people with diverse ministries and gifts serving one another because of our unity in Jesus. It is a very special time, and I am so thankful for the many who have worked behind the scenes.

Today we are launching a new way of discovering opportunities for one each of us to serve Jesus. Did you know that in our recent survey 1 in 5 people at TAC said that they would like to be more involved in some way? 

We want to help as many as possible to do this. We realise that sometimes it can be hard for people to be aware of the opportunities to do so, and can struggle to work out their place. So, this year, on our response form, there is just one box to tick in this area. This will mean that someone will get in touch, talk and pray with you to help tailor some opportunities just for you and the way that God has wired (gifted) you.

God has given you abilities or gifts to serve His kingdom. And we are in an age where there must be an incredible amount that happens, even before we can open our doors each week. 

We need to help more ordinary people encounter the extraordinary God. Can you help?

Raj Gupta