Reflecting on the Yes Vote

With 4 in 10 Australians voting no in the recent same sex marriage plebiscite, no doubt many will be disappointed with the result. I am certainly one of those people. I grieve for the trajectory of our society, the implications for future generations and, most importantly, the impact on freedoms that will no doubt have an impact on our ability to share the life saving message of Jesus.

However, we should accept the will of the Australian people. It is clear.

In God’s Word, in places like Psalm 46, we are encouraged to take refuge in God in times of trouble. Despite how things look, God will not be toppled. And he is working his plans through even the most dire of situations. Indeed, the history of persecution suggests that it is such times when the Gospel of Jesus often thrives. Already I have heard of one loose group of Christians in one workplace that now intends to draw closer.

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Finally, it is worth advocating for protection of freedom at this time, while the precise Bill is now under scrutiny. 5 million Australians voted no (including a majority of 61% in our own area). 5 million people are not bigots, nor dinosaurs, nor any other disparaging term simply for believing what the human race has universally held for thousands of years.

Raj Gupta