Passing the Baton

This Thursday evening will be a very special time at TAC, for we will be having an MTS Supporters Night for Rachael Stabback and Leesa Vesey. 

I am so delighted that they have both agreed to join us as apprentices in 2018. For those of you not familiar with the MTS program, it is essentially an apprenticeship to give people a taste of and some training in full time ministry. 

I myself did an MTS apprenticeship in 1996-97. It was an invaluable experience in which I learnt from experienced ministers like Phillip Jensen and Al Stewart. My experience then has helped shaped me today, and I forever thankful to God for the opportunity. 

The training of the next generation of Jesus’ servants is one of the most important things that we can do. Already both Rachael and Leesa serve incredibly among us. I can hardly wait to see how our extraordinary God will use them in the future.

In 2018-19, it will be a privilege for all of us to share this MTS experience. I want to encourage all across TAC to come and support them at the MTS Supporters night at 7.30pm, this Thursday 30th November in the Lower Hall.

We will hear from each of the in more detail, as well as more about MTS, and more about the kinds of things they will be doing. There will also be an opportunity to know more about supporting them as they each embark on this step. I hope that all can make it – what an encouragement it would be for them!

Raj GuptaMTS