Why Celebrate the Reformation?

You may have heard that we’ve just past the day of the 500th year of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. I imagine many of you acknowledge that something significant happened but don’t really know more than that. I’m thankful for the privilege of studying the Reformation in some detail at college.

What is the Reformation all about? This term my growth group spent four weeks looking at some key ideas and people of the Reformation (we used a published series called, Ideas that Changed the World). I was reminded and surprised at how much we in Sydney Anglican churches have benefited from the Reformation and take its ideas for granted.

For 1000 years or so, the church of the medieval world had twisted and covered the clear meaning of the Bible. The Reformation recovered these key truths. The truth that people are saved by faith alone (not by anything we do to please God); that people are saved by grace alone (not by any merit in ourselves); that God speaks through the Bible alone (not through the Bible only interpreted by the church and her traditions); that people can boldly approach God through Christ Jesus alone (not through priests and the church); and that all of this is for the glory of God alone (not our own glory).

Thank God that we know these truths and pray that we never take them for granted, but work to maintain them as central to who we are.

Ben Allen