Christmas is about ...?

How would you finish the sentence ‘Christmas is about…’? 

Google suggests ‘family’ and ‘giving’ – in fact Jesus doesn’t get a look in until answer #4! As Christians, we believe that ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ as our great sign out front says, but is this actually reflected in the way we talk about and celebrate the holiday? Are our actions instead suggesting that the most important thing about the holiday really is just family, traditions, festive cheer or a vague concept of giving?

Christmas is the perfect occasion to talk about ‘spiritual matters’ with those closest to us because it’s known to have Christian roots. By acknowledging the holiday to all of our family and friends, we are opening the door to have a conversation about the person of Jesus. While there are lots of great things at Church to invite people along to (like our Christmas Festival this afternoon!), a great way to engage is with questions about why our loved ones celebrate the holiday. Remember, questions don’t have to be confrontational! By seeking to genuinely understand where people are coming from, we’ll have a much better idea about how to best share why we celebrate Christmas. It might even be helpful to think about a quick but clear one-or-two sentence way to answer that question ahead of time – something like ‘I celebrate Christmas because it reminds me of the great gift God gave me, by sending Jesus to fix my broken relationship with God, and to make me part of his family.’ 

Over the coming week leading up to the big day, as the world tells us to focus on anything but, let me encourage you to take some time celebrating and sharing the real meaning of Christmas!

Kate Hamer