Mission & Prayer

Over the past week we have focussed our prayers on Global Mission. We particularly prayed for the five missionary families who TAC supports. It was a great encouragement to me to pray together with others on Thursday night. Thanks for being there with me. Lifting my vision to God’s work in places far from my influence reminds me that, apart from prayer, I am helpless. Too often, however, I forget that apart from prayer I am helpless in all areas of my life. This week I finished reading The Praying Life by Paul Miller. It was a timely read for me. I have been reminded that I am completely dependent upon God for all things, big and small, in Toongabbie and overseas. There is nothing that I should be attempting or desiring or deciding or thinking about without prayer.

Our lack of prayerfulness can easily lead to guilt. The apparent lack of answers to prayers can easily lead to cynicism. Paul Miller’s book reminded me that we are children of a loving Father who absolutely delights in his children. And, as children, we should be real with our Father. If you feel guilty about your prayer life, tell your Father in heaven. If you feel cynical about prayer, tell your Father in heaven. The starting point for prayer is approaching our Father as we are: helpless children with warts and all.


Ben AllenBen, Prayer