The best news in the world

It was a delight for us as a church to dedicate a week to prayer for mission in the world. The most powerful message in the world is the death and resurrection of Jesus. Through him we have forgiveness and we have life. It changes our relationships with everyone, and Jesus breaks down barriers of all kinds. Some of the sharpest divisions in the world exist between the people of different countries in the world. And the death and resurrection of Jesus can provide a unity for all. So, it is wonderful that our church has five link missionaries scattered around the globe, each playing their part in proclaiming Jesus.

However, Jesus also provides forgiveness and life for our friends and neighbours. In the 2145 and 2146 postcodes, there are 87,000 people (2011 census). No doubt, this number is growing. Add to this that we live in one of the most multicultural parts of Australia, in which the nations have come to us, and we have a wonderful opportunity – indeed, a privilege. Have you ever been the bearer of good news? It is a great joy. In Jesus death and resurrection, we have the greatest news possible – life and forgiveness.

This is the reason that we have invited Grant Retief, from Durban in South Africa, to join us in August for 10 days – to help us share Jesus with our friends, neighbours and community. He grew up during the apartheid years in South Africa, where deep divisions between people were a reality. The impact continues today. In addition, his home church, St James in Capetown, was the scene of a massacre as gunmen stormed in during a church service and fired indiscriminately.  And even before this opportunity, we have Easter. We have the best news in the world. May the Lord provide us with courage and boldness to share it.


Murray ColvilleRaj, Mission