A Serious Situation

I remember my alarm when we finally took our youngest son to the doctor. I thought that his illness was merely another cold or maybe a chest infection—in his early months these were a regular occurrence. But after a couple of days with no noticeable improvement, and perhaps some worsening of his situation, the doctor’s diagnosis made it clear how I had under estimated the problem.

‘You should have taken him to the hospital,’ were the doctor’s words. What! How could I have put my child at such risk? This was no mere cold or chest infection, but bronchiolitis. There is a real possibility that Lucas was not getting enough oxygen and could even stop breathing at night. I learnt that in the case of my son’s health I could make serious, even fatal, mistakes. I needed outside counsel to ensure I wasn’t misunderstanding or under estimating the seriousness of the situation.

When it comes to our condition before God, it is a terrible mistake to misunderstand or under estimate the seriousness of our situation. Paul’s letter to the Romans provides the outside counsel we need, from God himself, to ensure that we don’t make the mistake I made with Lucas.

Our condition before God is serious. Sin rules over everyone, everywhere. There is no one who is right in God’s sight. Alarming and serious as this is, the costly remedy has been paid for. All can be right with God by trusting Jesus.

Ben AllenRomans, sin