The Greatest Treasure

The greatest treasure in the whole wide world is…(*clap, *clap)…Peace with God!

We’ll be singing these lyrics a lot of times at ToonieKids Week in July and it’s at the core of our week of Pirate madness. Just as pirates held back nothing in their pursuit of treasure, so we should hold nothing back in our pursuit of this treasure of ultimate peace with God.

The good news for us though is that Jesus has done everything that is needed for us to have peace and ‘be safe’ with God – and this is the message that we’ll be presenting to kids from our church and community in Toonie Kids Week.

More than half the spots are filled, so if you are planning on registering or inviting – the time is now!

Today as we look at Romans 7 we’re reminded that living the Christian life doesn’t always seem peaceful – at times we are at war, and the hardest battles we can fight are with ourselves. We can be discouraged with our lack of discipline, maturity and progress in the Christian life. It can be disheartening and confusing.

But we need to remember that while we struggle there is the deeper reality, that because of God’s great love for us, we already have the greatest treasure imaginable. We can rejoice and remember that..

…The greatest treasure in the whole wide world is…(*clap, *clap)…Peace with God!