This week the world has been rocked with news of the Grenfell Tower fire, in the UK. The death toll is 17 people, and may grow. This year, it seems, there have been several tragedies. It is worth sparing a thought and prayers for loved ones of those who have perished.

It is also worth reflecting on the nature of suffering and tragedy in our world. It has been another one of those freakish weeks, where world events touch on today’s Bible passage. 

As hard as it may be to grasp, Romans 8 helps us know that suffering will be a reality in the world. Suffering is like labour pains before childbirth. Pain gives way to excitement and glory. And suffering keeps reminding us that something is not quite right in our world. 

Those of us who have Jesus, and the forgiveness possible by an extraordinary God, have every reason to look forward. This does mean that we won’t suffer in this world, but Romans 8 helps us understand why and how we can look forward. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are having difficulty at this time. May we continue to trust in Jesus.