From tragedy to triumph

Have you ever met someone whose life journey stirs genuine awe in you? In the days following the end of WWII, one fair skinned and blue eyed baby found himself alone, unclaimed, with no known name or birth date in the Babies Home in Jerusalem. A war orphan.

To this day, David Claydon knows neither his parents' names, nor anything about them or their families. Lora Claydon, a missionary and social worker, couldn't find any place for David, so she took him herself, and taught him to call her "Aunty Lora’. 

‘It was a tough and lonely life for this boy, since Lora Claydon was often called to serve in some remote place, leaving David to be looked after by others, or in his teenage years by himself.

Insecurity, loneliness and lack of belonging was an integral part of David's existence until he married Robyn Hickin, then becoming part of her loving Christian family and learning what it was to belong.

David and Robyn's story is that of the service and ministries of two faithful servants of God: who came from unlikely beginnings. It is clearly a fruitful partnership, richly blessed and used by God.’ 

August 5th, the women of TAC have the opportunity to hear more about their extraordinary lives as Robyn Claydon speak to us. It will be an amazing night - focused on sharing the great news of Jesus with all who have ears to hear.

Who will you invite? Who is it you’re praying will be changed by Jesus? Could this be the night which will stir awe in you - as you witness God at work?

Katie Smith