Just around the corner

I am a tad excited.

In 3 weeks from now, our Mission Week begins. Did you know that the Lord has left us in this world to be his agents and, in particular, so that more people will come into his glorious kingdom?

We have already heard a few things about our guest speaker for the week, Grant Retief. Grant is well regarded as a sharp, clear and persuasive communicator – and I am thrilled that he is coming to help introduce our friends and our community to Jesus. 

I am absolutely delighted with how the week is coming together. Yes, Grant will speak on Sundays at church (a different talk morning and night for those weeks). In addition, there will be a High Tea, Senior’s Growth Group luncheon, events from several different groups (including a “Grill a Christian” night), and a men’s dinner. 

I am particularly looking forward to The Mark Drama. At this very time there are 15 people across TAC who are memorising lines from the Gospel of Mark. On two occasions, it will be performed in the round.

Please pray. Please invite. And please help us in our letterbox drop to invite the tens of thousands of people in our area.

Raj Gupta