The Bible is our Ultimate Authority

Welcome to church today.

It is not often that I write about developments in the broader Anglican world in this column. However, in recent weeks there have been some interesting events that will see ramifications.

I often say that the Anglican church is among the most diverse in the world. One overseas visitor to our church said to me “how is it that Anglican churches in Sydney teach the Bible?” It is something that is not to be taken for granted. In other parts of the world (and even other parts of Australia), sadly, the Bible no longer governs the church’s priorities nor teaching. 

And, sometimes, Anglican congregations that wish to maintain the place of the Bible in church life have been marginalised from the denomination – even to the point of being taken to court for the property! In recent times, the touchstone issue has been that of same-sex marriage.

Over the last decade, a conservative movement has sprung up from conservative Anglicans around the world – called GAFCON (Global Anglican Futures CONference). I am a strong supporter. Recently, a good Bible man, Andy Lines has been consecrated as a bishop to provide oversight, particularly for those in Europe who don’t have the opportunity for Biblical oversight. 

With many parts of the Anglican communion in Europe having moved away from the Bible as the ultimate authority, this opportunity is to be welcomed.  

Raj Gupta