Waiting for Christmas

It is interesting to reflect on what Australian’s like to do in the lead up to Christmas. Did you know that a staggering 9 out of 10 Australians like to see nativity scenes, and baby Jesus’ displayed in public places at Christmas time? And you might be surprised to know that 85% of Australians prefer the term “Merry Christmas” over “Seasons Greetings” (8%) or “Happy Holidays” (7%). (statistics from McCrindle research).

It is fascinating that, despite the changes in our society and alleged decline in Christianity, that Australians still know that Christ cannot be removed from Christmas. As the saying goes, he is the reason for the season. 

In the first century, in the lead up to the very first Christmas, many people were waiting for God to do something special and unprecedented in the world. God had made some people particularly excited when he revealed that something big was in the air. 

It was a message that could not have been any better, for people had been waiting for a long time for God to act. You see, people knew that they needed rescuing. What’s more, God had promised that he would take care of this enormous need, and in even greater ways than he had on any previous occasion (he had done some pretty cool stuff – like parting the Red Sea). This would be bigger.

And then Jesus came into the world – we remember this cosmic event on Christmas each year. He is the one who died and rose so that we can be rescued. All of the waiting was worth it. The world was changed, and lives could be changed. Could it be that this Christmas, your life could be changed?

Raj Gupta