What is the church?

It’s easy to think of ‘church’ as the bricks-and-mortar building we meet in – and to be fair this is a church, but if we think this is all church is, we’re missing out. The Bible uses several metaphors to describe the church including a body, a flock of sheep, and a family. None of these images are places a person can go to, instead they describe something people are a part of. The church is the gathered people of God; we are the church!

Just like the building isn’t the church, neither are the various ministries and programs run by TAC. Instead, these exist to help the church mature and flourish under God. We are blessed to have lots of different ministries catering to many and varied groups and demographics in our midst; from play-groups to youth groups, bible studies to Boomers meetings, these ministries run to encourage and to stretch us.

As 2018 gets underway and many of our groups are beginning again for the new year, let me encourage all of us as ‘the church’ to think carefully about how we can individually and corporately be involved and benefit from these ministries this year. If you’re interested in hearing more about the ministries of TAC and how you can be involved, feel free to have a browse on our website (tac.church), or let the office know.
Looking forward to growing and being encouraged alongside you in 2018!

Kate Hamer