Do a One80

Many years ago, the leaders of our youth group decided on the name ‘One80’. The sad reality is that our world is offering more and more dangerous options for teenagers today. And the name One80 signifies the turnaround that the Lord Jesus provides. 

In recent years, we have heard the stories of how significant One80 has been for many young lives. It has been instrumental in people coming to know Jesus and being established as Christians. Many have taken the tremendous step of declaring their faith in Jesus for themselves at our confirmation services.

This week is the annual One80 Youth Camp. I shared recently of my concern that so many children do not end up at church when they grow up. Statistically, over a third of those in church at the age of 14 will not be at church in the future. We have introduced regular fire side chats as a way of helping us as a church do better. 

But this weekend is one of celebration. Over 25 teenagers are or have been away at the One80 Camp this week. And, they will be running 6pm church when they return. Please come and support them!

At the core of our youth ministries is our desire to see ordinary people encountering the extraordinary God. It is a great delight that this year we have seen a number of new people coming to One80, and some of these are going to the camp. For others, the teenage years can be tricky - and the camp is a wonderful and timely opportunity for them to fix their eyes on Jesus. They certainly have fun – the premises can be a noisy place on Friday evenings. But at the core is the life giving Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Thanks to the leaders, many of whom have taken annual leave to participate. Will you join me in praying that this year’s One80 Youth Camp will see the lives of many experience a 180 degree turn to live for Jesus?

Raj Gupta