One80 Camp Report...

Last week 25 youth, 4 kids and 15 adults went away for our annual One80 Youth Camp! Things started grim with a very rainy forecast and a bus trip that took an hour longer than expected. I was tired and worried, and I felt an additional weight of responsibility that I needed to make camp excellent for the first-timers. 
Let me just say, God turned that on its head! 

Kate Hamer taught and encouraged us with four amazing talks about how God uses the weak and sinful to do great things. She challenged us all to fear, trust and follow God, not people, and to remember He is the only one who saves. 
It was so powerful to hear what the youth were learning from the talks, and learn of the decisions they were making to follow Christ with their whole heart. 

Another thing that stood out for me was the way the teenagers expressed love and community: helping each other read the Bible, volunteering to carry things for a new youth on crutches, and meaningful conversations with new friends. 

With womenā€™s church just around the corner and the topic being friendship - I really think I have something to learn from these teens.

Leesa Vesey