Encountering God in any language

You’ve probably noticed that Toongabbie and Pendle Hill are pretty multicultural areas, and over the years our church is gradually reflecting that more and more. As a church we want to introduce our community to Jesus, but one thing that limits us in this, is that we only really do things in English. Now there are a number of different language churches in our area doing good things, but it’s important that we keep our eyes open to see what we can do to share the good news of Jesus even with those who don’t share our language.

I’ve been so encouraged over the last few months to see a couple of people step up and begin providing one-to-one translation into Cantonese and Mandarin during our services and events, and we are praying and thinking about how we can develop this to include others too (let me know via connect card if you have translation skills). This is not something we set out to do, but I’m looking forward to see how God uses us in this area.

It’s great also to see people using technology to work at communicating across language barriers, things like Google Translator are always getting better and better. Also if you are keen to be able to share Jesus across different language groups – go online and check out www.5fish.mobi. This is an app put out by Global Recordings Network to access their database of thousands of gospel presentations in almost 500 languages. If you want more info, find Geoff Wong at our 6pm service. He works in developing this app. How are you connecting with our community across cultures and languages? I’d love to hear your stories.

Murray Colville