Moving Together

A couple of thousand years ago, a handful of frightened men and women gathered in an upstairs room. The door was locked because they were scared of the authorities coming and taking them. These same authorities had not long before come and taken their leader and brutally executed him.

Strangely though within a few weeks this same group were no longer hiding but were boldly speaking in the streets. They claimed their leader had risen from the dead, that they had seen and touched him, they had even eaten with him. Their claim was that, as the son of God, this Jesus had returned to heaven. He had then sent his Spirit to these followers, empowering them with the boldness they needed to take to the streets and share this news with others.

From this seemingly obscure group of first-century Jews, a movement sprang up that changed the entire world. A movement that we are a part of today as part of the church that follows the risen Jesus. 

Now the history of the movement of the church is a real mixed bag. As a recent documentary puts it, the impact of the church in the world is far better and far worse than we ever imagined. Today in church we are getting back to the basics. To be a church that really bears the name of Jesus, that has a bold, positive eternal impact in our community – Where do we start? What must we never lose as our generations take their place in this world-changing movement?

Murray Colville