What an Incredible Movement!

Wow. What an Incredible Movement we are part of! Jesus broke into the world in the first century, and changed it forever. In Vision Month 2018, we have seen how the earliest churches were established. They were blown away by knowing that Jesus died and rose from the dead. They knew that Jesus has and would continue to change the world.

Being part of this movement was everything. Their highest priority became helping Ordinary People Encounter the Extraordinary God. They were united in heart and mind to such an extent that they chose to pool their possessions and work together in every way.

Church life, even back then, was far from perfect. Indeed, today we will see how they sought to organise themselves in the midst of chaos, to ensure that important things were done. 

Their unstoppable vision was to help Ordinary People Encounter the Extraordinary God. Today, we have the same opportunity and privilege. In the 2145 / 2146 postcodes, there are 90,000 people – very few who know of the life changing message of Jesus.

At TAC, our vision is to be an ever-growing, diverse church family. The grace of Jesus unites and transforms us so we can worship God wholeheartedly, love each other deeply and serve our community boldly. Ultimately, serving our community means helping them know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

This vision month, let us be united in heart and mind as we seek to further Jesus’ mission in the world. 

Raj Gupta