Thank You Leesa, Jack & Kate!

This week, we farewelled Leesa Vesey from the staff team. Leesa, together with her husband Harrison, are expecting the birth of their first child very shortly after Christmas. 

Leesa joined our staff team at the start of the year as an MTS trainee. It has been such a delight to have her on the staff team at TAC. From the first day, and even before, she has had an infectious love for people. Leesa is such a positive person, deeply impacted by the grace of Christ, and is always quick to point out the advantages and the big picture when others can so easily go down rabbit warrens. She has had a great impact at One80 Youth in particular and will be greatly missed.

It is inspirational to see what Leesa has learned over the course of the year (see our Vision Month booklet for her own reflections). And while we will miss Leesa from the team, she together with Harrison, and their baby, will still be at TAC as part of our 10am congregation.

Sadly, Jack and Kate Hamer will be farewelled from TAC next Sunday. We have been wonderfully blessed to have them as student ministers for almost two years. But in a short time, they move back to Adelaide in preparation for Jack commencing in student ministry.

Many among us have benefitted from Jack & Kate’s amazing gifts. Whether it be teaching the Bible, or providing an honest insight, or just hanging with and loving people, Jack and Kate have poured themselves into so much at TAC. I remember during the 2017 Mission with Grant Retief, Kate even volunteered to cater for the Men’s Dinner at short notice. At Sunday church we have benefitted from Jack’s teaching. And our women’s and youth ministries have benefitted from Kate’s Bible teaching.

We will miss Leesa, Jack & Kate from the TAC staff team. Thank you for all that you have done. However, we rejoice that the Lord has equipped them to better serve his people both here at TAC and around the country.

Raj Gupta