Welcome to Vision Sunday

Welcome to church today, the day we have called Vision Sunday. For the last month, we have taken time to see the movement that began with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and how it developed in the first century.

It started in Jerusalem. The book of Acts tells the story of this movement then spreading to Judea and Samaria (the next ring), and it goes on to reach the “ends of the earth” at that time. Today, there is a church planting movement called “Acts 29”, seeking to capture that the movement of the Gospel continues today.

It is a movement of the heart, and today we will see in Acts 7-8 that it is an unstoppable movement. Even in the face of persecution, even death, lives continue to be transformed as Ordinary People Encounter the Extraordinary God.

As God’s people are united in heart and mind, incredible things have been achieved for the Gospel over the years. Around our church, there are almost 90,000 people who live – people from so many different cultures. And they need Jesus.

Today, on Vision Sunday, we want to invite – even encourage - all who call TAC their church home to put in a response form (thank you to the many who already have). The form starts with yourself, and an investment in your own spiritual walk, and then it invites you to make yourself available to serve the body of Christ, and to indicate your giving for the year ahead.

Whatever we have – our gifts, abilities, time and resources – it comes from God. Will you join with the body of Christ at our church in helping ordinary people encounter the extraordinary God?

Raj Gupta