Hark the Herald Angels sing

If you are anything like me, you probably get into singing carols without really thinking about the words. Even something as well-known as ‘Hark the Herald’… what are we actually saying?

Well, to Hark, is to listen. And we listen to the messenger (herald) angels. The message they brought to the simple shepherd is that there is a new king – and not a king that will bring war and empire... but peace on earth. And more than that it is the peace that matters most, that God and sinners can be reconciled. That is, the extraordinary God brings himself back into friendship, relationship and family with ordinary broken people like us.

What incredible truths we sing so casually at Christmas.

As we lead into Christmas we remember the coming of the king to broken, fearful and needy people. People like you and me who long for peace. Let’s celebrate this deep truth and pray that our hearts, and the hearts of our community, will be turned to see this true king for who he really is.

Let’s pray for peace in our community, that through the coming of Jesus, ordinary people will encounter and be reconciled to their extraordinary father God.

Murray Colville