A little over two years ago, we remember sitting in the Gupta’s loungeroom chatting with Raj about joining the team as student ministers. Although we’d heard great things about the training offered at TAC for Bible College students and looked forward to joining the church, we had no idea of how much we’d love our time among you, and how hard it would be to say ‘goodbye’.

We’re so thankful for the family we’ve found here at TAC – grandparents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews who have each cared for us in different ways, welcoming us into this unique Christian community. While we hope we’ve been an encouragement to you, we’ve no doubt that we’ve been the primary beneficiaries of our time as student ministers, learning much through your patience and your example of gospel generosity modelled to us alongside genuine Christian love.

Although we’re sad to leave you, we’re convicted of the great need in Adelaide. We’re excited to partner with AFES (the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students) in their important and strategic ministry among students at Adelaide University. Please keep us in your prayers (and stay in touch!) as we begin this new season of life - we will also continue to pray for the ministry of TAC in its mission of introducing ordinary people to the extraordinary God.

God bless and Merry Christmas!

- Jack & Kate Hamer

Jack Hamer