The Big Promise

Welcome to church today.

Last week was a special week at TAC. It was so encouraging to commission Rachael Stabback and Leesa Vesey as they join us as MTS apprentices. However, it was also special to spend some time acknowledging, thanking and commissioning many others who serve among us. Did you know that about 40 people among us are Growth Group leaders? About 12 are One80 leaders. And over 20 are regularly involved in Children’s ministries. This does not include the many who serve in areas such as Parish Council, our Building committee, hospitality, welcoming and the list goes on.

I gave thanks to God this week, and will continue to do so, for the many people across our church who serve to the end of seeing Ordinary People Encounter the Extraordinary God. This includes those who already know Jesus, as well as those who do not yet know Jesus.

Last week was also special because we started a new series: The Big Promise. Ever since the creation of the world, God has had a Big Promise. And in this series, we helicopter in to some of the passages through the Bible that most directly highlight and re-iterate this promise. It is amazing to think that the Lord of the universe has given us the Bible – and there is an overall story line. Even when we read of detailed ritualistic practices, or destruction, or blood – the Lord is trying to teach us something.

No matter where you stand before God, I pray that this year would be one of you Encountering the Extraordinary God.

Raj Gupta