Scripture in Schools update

Last weekend the Toongabbie Anglican Primary SRE team joined around 900 other teachers from Sydney and beyond at the annual conference.

A highlight (apart from Colin Buchanan playing...) was the report on the SRE review undertaken by the NSW government last year.

Far from a crisis, the numbers showed an encouraging picture of what is going on in our schools (note this review is about all SRE, not just christian). Here are some of the numbers.

Schools that have SRE: 92% Primay, 81% secondary
Kids in SRE: 71%
Parents satisfied with childrens SRE classes: 84%
Principals with good working relations with SRE teams: 96%

The point is, that while it can appear that scripture is a small struggling thing, it really is the norm in our schools.  The feedback from the government is generally positive, though there are things to work on, like communicating better with parents (which we want to do well). 

Please be praying for the teachers and helpers from our church, (Annie, Rachael, Mirani) and for Kirrilly as she leads the primary team, for me as I work across the classes to build connections with TAC, as well as the high school team (Wayne and Jenary) as we kick off in local schools this year.

Thank God for the support of babysitters, financial resources and the Youthworks SRE office that helps make it all happen, as we make the most of this great opportunity in 2018.

Murray Colville