One80 Youth

Thanks to the internet we have limitless choice for entertainment, countless ways to socialise, and constant competition for attention. So why is it that every Friday night, about 25 teenagers and a dozen adults come to this church for youth group?

Each week this term our teenagers are looking at Matthew’s gospel and asking the question: What is this King? We listen to a short talk and then break into small groups to delve deeper. For the rest of the night we enjoy activities, food and just hanging out. Yes it is a lot of fun, but we know the continuing appeal of One80 is the culture that Jesus makes possible.

And youth ministry doesn’t stop on a Friday night. Each Sunday morning Scott Lucas leads One80 Garage, and on Sunday afternoon Sophia Ioannidis runs our senior girls growth group.

We would love your prayer as we share the gospel with the teenagers of Toongabbie, and they grapple with what it means to follow Jesus in this culture. Pray that we are relevant, truthful and engaging, and that our youth are bold in love.

We would also like some more volunteers. We’re looking for a man to lead a senior boys growth group, more ‘One80 parents’ to help Gaye and Robert O’Donohue support the leaders on Friday nights, and young adults who are willing to mentor a teenager one-to-one. If you want to help then please don’t hesitate to chat with me or Ben.

- Leesa

Ben Allen