Herding cats, playing Tetris and launching a rocket

Herding cats, playing Tetris and launching a rocket into orbit. Each of these formed a significant part of my February.

Herding cats. I’ve been trying to organise people who are often heading in different directions! At church, there are teams and groups and volunteers to communicate with, re-envision with their purpose, and encourage in their service. At home, my children need feeding, dressing, reading to and assistance with homework.

Playing Tetris. As I've worked out school and preschool routines, family commitments, ministry timetables and other responsibilities, it has felt like the playing Tetris with my calendar. Will this commitment fit there? What if I move that here?

Launching a rocket into orbit. Eventually, the cats are aligned and my Tetris game looks manageable. It’s as if the rockets have been firing at full power with little or no movement, until the end of the month when the beast finally begins to accelerate more and more rapidly into the sky. Perhaps a somewhat stable orbit might be achieved!

Last week I was reminded by Raj that we are here for people. Ministry is about people. Life is about people. If I’ve done all of February without aiming to reach people with the news of Jesus, then I’ve forgotten this. As as church we are on mission to see people encounter the extraordinary God. As 2018 attains a more stable orbit, let’s not forget the goal of it all.

Ben Allen