Jesus is..... ?

How would you complete the statement,
‘Jesus is….?’ 

Recently, the student ministers of TAC participated in a region-wide mission in Wollongong, asking men, women and kids from the community exactly that question. It’s such an interesting question, because everyone has an opinion, and this was very much reflected in the kinds of answers we received: ‘Jesus is God.’ ‘Jesus is a bigot.’ ‘Jesus is loving.’ ‘Jesus is irrelevant.’ ‘Jesus is accepting.’

While I didn’t always agree with the labels and descriptions applied to Jesus, I really appreciated the opportunity to hear and engage with people’s honest thoughts. I’d certainly encourage you to use the question as a pretty non-confrontational conversation starter with your family, friends and colleagues! 

In asking this question over the week, what was particularly obvious to me was that the average person on the street has almost no knowledge at all about who Jesus is. Their opinions about him are shaped more by pop culture and social media than by the Bible itself – in fact most people, if pressed, said they’d never read the Bible for themselves, and certainly not as an adult. In John 5, Jesus teaches his disciples saying that it is by hearing and believing his words that people cross from death to life, escaping condemnation (John 5:24). Friends, there’s a challenge here for all of us here, to be reaching our society with the Word of God, that our family, friends and colleagues might turn, and be saved. 

When was the last time you shared something, you’d read or heard taught from the Bible? Have you ever offered – or even considered, reading a gospel with someone who doesn’t know God? If the death and resurrection of Jesus that we celebrated last weekend really is the only means by which people can be saved, then the whole world (including Toongabbie and Pendle Hill!) need to hear this message. How can we – you and I, take steps in that direction this week?

Kate Hamer