Easter's impact today

Welcome to church on this Easter day! Whether you’re visiting or regular, spiritually seeking or angry with God, a Christian or not sure, I trust that you feel comfortable.

Easter day is about more than Jesus returning to life after being dead and buried. Today assures us that God restores life. Today is a day of restoration. God promises that  because Jesus has been restored to life, so those who follow Jesus will also be restored to life.

I don’t know why you came here today. But Easter day gives assurance that whatever circumstances you are in—good or bad, poor or rich, angry or joyful, anxious or peaceful, hurting or healing—God is able to bring restoration.

While the promise of being restored to life after our death is for the future, this promised restoration stretches backwards from the future into the present. Today, at
Toongabbie Anglican Church, Jesus is restoring hope, purpose and community to those suffering in old age, to those dealing with marriage breakdown, to those who
are unemployed, to those who face mental health issues, to those who are lonely, and even to those who think (or used to think) that they don’t need Jesus!

God’s power over death is just the starting point! We are ordinary people encountering the extraordinary God every day.

Ben Allen