Happy Mother's Day

"Don't you hate how commercialised Mother's Day has become?"

Have you ever heard someone say this? I've heard people say similar things about Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day. They groan about the rise of Halloween. But I've never heard people complain about Mother's Day like this.

True, the shops do use the opportunity to try and get us to buy all kinds of questionably useful things for our mums. But deep down we know that one day a year to celebrate mums is worth it... And to be honest, maybe it's not enough.

Our mums aren't perfect, and if you are a mum you know this truth all too well. And on days like today we can feel all kinds of mixed emotions about our mums, whether or not they are still with us. We all feel the mix of joy, sadness, discontent, fulfillment, regret and nostalgia that these kinds of days bring. As we mark this day together in the beautiful messiness of the church family, let's, 
'Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep' (Romans12.15) and look for comfort and joy in God who like a mother (hen) gathers us under his wings (Ps 36.7).

Murray Colville