It is Time!

A number of years ago there was a particular special guest event, and someone said to me: “I wouldn’t invite people to that. It’s not my cup of tea and I’m sure it’s not my friends’ cup of tea.” 

This time next week our Mission Week begins. We’ve called it #TruthWeek, because over the course of the week we will share the truth about Jesus with as many people as we can. I am thankful for Ben, who has pulled this week together, under God, in a way that there is so much variety and opportunity. 

For those interested in politics, there are opportunities with former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson (I would encourage all to come to the lunch seminar regarding the Future of Australia!). For those interested in engaging preaching, we have one of Australia’s best in Mike Raiter. For those thinking about suffering, we have cancer survivor Dave McDonald. I am not sure what to say about sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon! And for those who like the experience of live drama, we have “The Mark Drama.”

This is a special combination of speakers and events, and one in which we hope there are opportunities for everyone (if you have another idea, please let us know for next time). While there is variety, we are united in our goal – to tell the truth about Jesus.

Jesus has come into the world and died a criminal’s death so that you and the world can be forgiven. It is a message that sounds so foolish. And yet it is the foolish message that is God’s wisdom to the world.

If ever our world is in need, it is now. And I want to take this opportunity to call all across TAC to make the most of this time, starting with the special prayer meeting at 7.30pm, Monday 21st May (tomorrow night). It is God who gives the growth. Let’s come to him and ask for his work in the hearts of many.

Raj Gupta