Foolish Hope

By the time you’re reading this bulletin, you’ll know how Liverpool FC fared in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. Regardless of the outcome it will be hard to top 2005, when Liverpool produced one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history.

The underdogs were 3-0 down at halftime to a star-studded AC Milan team. Against the odds, captain Steven Gerrard foolishly declared Liverpool would win the game if they could score in the next 15 minutes. He led by example, scoring within 10 minutes of his stirring halftime speech, and the rest is history.

Foolish hope is a rare and admirable trait. It’s that unwavering belief despite opposition and seemingly impossible odds. Foolish hope flies in the face of worldly wisdom. Hope was the message Jesus preached to an oppressed people. Hope compelled the first followers of Jesus to share his message in spite of persecution to the point of death. And hope compels us today to listen to a message that many have written off as foolish.

This week at Toongabbie Anglican Church we’re talking politics, sex, cancer, connection and happiness. Maybe our ideas will sound foolish from a worldly perspective. But if any of those topics grab your attention, I want to encourage you to turn inside and find out more. I trust you’ll discover we have good reason for our foolish hope.

Harrison Vesey