As a result of Scripture classes in our local primary schools, hundreds of children in our local area get to hear about Jesus each week. Many of these children would not hear about Jesus anywhere else – what a wonderful opportunity school Scripture is!

I am currently teaching three Scripture classes a week. I am still getting to know the children in my classes and learning how best to love and teach them. 

A real highlight of this time has been the questions students have been asking as they genuinely think and engage with the bible during our lessons. Some of the questions include:

What does God look like?
How do I pray to God?
Did Jesus really die?
Will God really bring me
back to life?
So are you saying that in heaven
I get to play with Jesus?!?
Is this true???

Over the next three weeks we will be having a focus at church on Scripture in schools. This is a great time to be able to hear about the wonderful things God is doing and see how you can be supporting this ministry.

- Rachael

Murray Colville