Back to the roots

Today the Global Anglican Futures CONference (GAFCON) starts in Jerusalem. It is my privilege to be participating, together with about 1,700 people from over 50 countries around the world. Philip Gerber from 8am is also participating.

It is a movement that officially began a decade ago, with the gathering of the first GAFCON conference. The movement developed in response to parts of the Anglican communion around the world that have moved away from the authority of God’s word, the Bible.

So, it is no accident that this conference is taking place in Jerusalem, symbolic of the birthplace of Christianity as the place where Jesus was arrested and tried for the sins of the world. It is at that place that the Gospel began to explode across the ancient world, and transform the lives of all who understood the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

It is more than a little sad that, in more recent times, so many have wandered away into patterns of thinking like this world and adopted the alternative ultimate authorities such as experience, reason or even tradition. The GAFCON movement, which I am proud to be associated with, represents a call to people to return to the Jesus of the Bible, rather than a Jesus created by human minds.

It is this Jesus who lowered himself to come into our world, and then was mocked and humiliated, despised and rejected – and he did it all to rescue all trust him.

Please pray for the week ahead, that I know how to be an encouragement to the many who are being persecuted for trusting the Bible, and that I may be encouraged by the faithfulness of many around the world to the Bible.

As I shared last week, following this conference, God willing, Nicole will meet me in the Middle East and we will commence 5 weeks of Long Service Leave. 

Raj Gupta