I don’t doubt that my mind is playing tricks on me. Do you know what that feels like? I was running through the bush, in Glenbrook National Park, after dark. I wasn’t running from anything; or at least, I wasn’t meant to be. My brand-new headlamp was working perfectly, lighting the red dirt road clearly. It was a balmy summer evening. I’d run this road dozens of times before as I trained for my upcoming ultra-marathon. I love this place; I love running.

But, I’d never run here in the dark. And, surely, my mind was playing tricks on me. Surely the noises I heard to my left and my right, just off the road, in the trees were my imagination. Whatever they were, I was running faster than I’d planned. It’s safe to run here. Well, that’s what I told myself.

Doubts swirled around my mind as I sought to calm the panic inside. Doubting what you’ve taken as fact is unsettling, even terrifying. On Tuesday night Dave McDonald spoke about the doubts he suffered as he was diagnosed with untreatable, terminal cancer. Doubts about Jesus and Christianity. Thankfully, he had others around him to help him process and question his doubts.

It’s ok to have doubts. If you want some space to process and question your doubts about Jesus and Christianity, or if you want to find out more, please join me at church on Monday 4th June from 7.30–8.30pm for an overview of Christianity, or on Thursday 7th June from 7.30–9pm to begin six weeks of more in-depth investigation.

Ben Allen