Toonie Kids Week!

If our church doesn’t really look like a church today, well, that’s show business for you. More than 100 kids enjoyed the magic this week as Toongabbie put on ‘The Greatest Show’ with clowns, acrobats, trapeze, and the best (or maybe the worst) magician of all time.

This week would not have happened without the incredible work of more than 45 volunteers, who truly make Toonie Kids Week the unforgettable experience it is. I for one was astounded by their efforts, and if you’re visiting church for the first time today because of them, I’m sure your kids have already told you what a marvellous job they did. It’s a brilliant reminder that everything we do here is only possible by people stepping up to help out wherever they’re able.

And it is fitting that our church doesn’t really look like a church, because all week the children have been learning about a saviour who doesn’t really look like a saviour. Jesus wasn’t born in the spotlight and he didn’t act like a circus ringleader. He didn’t rely on tricks or showmanship to gain a following; instead he preached humility and selflessness. And his most memorable act wasn’t something we earned or paid for, but an incredible act of mercy.

So in the church that doesn’t look like a church, I hope you’ll learn more about the saviour who doesn’t look like a saviour — even if you don’t look like you need saving.

Harrison Vesey