Scripture Highlights

Here are some of my highlights from this term of Scripture.

The other week I walked into my Kindy Scripture class and the teacher had something she had been waiting to share with me. Earlier in the day the class had been discussing the idea of nobody being perfect, when many of the children who are in my class corrected her. “Except God! God is perfect!” they had called out.

There is a boy in one of my classes who now attends ToonieKids Crew every week on a Friday. He is there rain, hail or shine. He even checks where leaders are when they miss a week. It is exciting to see the connection to our church which Scripture has facilitated.

I was walking down the road 4pm one afternoon when a car drove past. The person in the passenger seat was waving frantically and smiling. It took me a moment to realise it was a girl from one of my Year 4 classes. She was so excited to see me outside of school and was working so hard to get my attention. I waved and smiled back. It was exciting to have even this small contact with one of my students outside of the classroom.

Thank you all who have asked questions, prayed for SRE or given money during the Scripture Focus this year. Scripture is such a wonderful opportunity and it isn’t possible without your support.

- Rachael

Murray Colville