A good book...

I know that a book review is not the normal for our Church Article - but this week I thought I would share with you a book which has literally changed my prayer life. So, what is this marvellous book I hear you ask?  It’s, ‘The One Year Praying Through The Bible For Your Kids’ by Nancy Guthrie.

This book is a set of daily devotions, aiming to help parents think, through the arc of the Bible, about how they can love their children in the light of the Gospel. It’s these last six words which has been particularly life changing for me. ‘In the light of the Gospel’. 

We want to protect our children; to see them moving forward in life; and most importantly we want to see them taking hold of the promises of God in their own lives. But how do we marry the advice we are so often given on parenting, with the riches of God’s Word in our lives?  Nancy Guthrie does not pretend to have all the answers, but what she does do - is seek to hear God’s wisdom in loving one another, in what the truth of a Christian life is and then reflects on how we can help our children to understand them in practice throughout life's joys and challenges.

But I’m not a parent? That’s ok. You can equally use this book to  encourage you to pray for those around you in a thoughtful, gospel-centred way. Or, you could give this to the Christian parents around you - to encourage them in the job they are trying to faithfully do.

I’m not a reader? That’s okay too! All of the devotions are less than a page long, and all of them include a verse of scripture, some thoughts and then a prayer - nice and neat. It probably takes me less than 10 minutes to read each night. And I’m constantly left with food for thought at the end of that brief devotion.

As we seek to be prayerfully dependent on our God, I’m reminded of Romans 12:12 which says, ‘Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.’ There are many ways we can be prompted to be faithful in prayer. This is one which has helped me. And God-willing it might help you too.

Katie Smith