Preaching Christ Faithfully to the Nations

I believe (and hope) that the Global Anglican Futures CONference (GAFCON) 2018 will go down in history. This is the conference that I had the great privilege of attending in Jerusalem in June, and the catalyst for my time away.

I wrote a series of blogposts through the week to try to capture each day of the conference under the theme of the Importance and Cost of Faithfulness, Repentance, Mission, Discipleship and Victory. Those interested can read the full posts at 

We live in an age where there is a constant and increasing pressure to deviate from the Gospel, and even adapt the very Gospel itself. Yet, the message of the Gospel is not subject to be determined by any human. Rather, it is given by God himself and revealed in the Scriptures. 

Around the world there are different pressures that have often seen a shift to the God given emphasis of the Gospel. These include the replacing of the centrality of the death and resurrection of Jesus with morality; a desire for inclusivism; a love of sex, sport and success; the prosperity gospel that promises wealth; a devaluing of repentance to merely a feeling of sorrow. Each of these, and others, ultimately serve a different purpose to that of reconciliation with God through forgiveness of sins. But the Bible teaches us that the Gospel entails Christ as Saviour, and Lord. And any gospel that is not derived from the Bible is a false Gospel.

It is these issues that were the subject of the GAFCON conference. The world desperately needs Jesus, and God’s people have an urgent task to preach Christ faithfully to the nations. I give thanks that we at Toongabbie Anglican are actively engaged in seeking that ordinary people encounter the extraordinary God.

Raj Gupta