It is a great time to be a Christian

This week I’ve had the great privilege of speaking at ‘Jesus Week’ at Adelaide University and the University of South Australia. This is a week of heightened evangelism on campus, much like our week of mission here at TAC!

This year the theme was, ‘There must be more to life than…’ and we covered topics such as ‘…One night stands’, ‘82.4 years and then death’, ‘50+ years in the work force’ and ‘making the same mistakes.’

It was incredibly encouraging seeing the boldness of the students inviting their friends and sharing the gospel with them. But one thing struck me particularly and that is: It is a great time to be a Christian.
As I chatted to students and engaged around the campus, it was clear that the promises that this world makes about sex, work and relationships just aren’t fulfilling. As our world rushes head long into secularism, this is just leaving people more and more confused, broken and empty. Underneath the surface, there is a desperation for a way to make sense of the chaos.

And this is the context that we bring the gospel into. We offer people good news. The best news. We offer a way to understand this world, that is consistent, coherent and compelling. But most importantly, we offer people a solution to their problems. A solution that will satisfy, that is fulfilling and that brings hope and light into a desperate and dark world!

It is a great time to be a Christian.

Jack Hamer