Mothers' Union

One of the great privileges of student ministry is the opportunity it provides to learn more about the many and varied ministries run at our church. I’m constantly encouraged to see how God is using his people and the different gifts he’s given them, to grow and serve his kingdom.

I recently had the great joy of visiting one of the lesser-known ministries that regularly meet at TAC – the Mothers’ Union. Perhaps, like me, you don’t really know much about MU (as its members affectionately refer to it), and so don’t realise the massive impact the organisation has worldwide. What began as a small organisation for mothers in the Church of England almost 150 years ago, has since grown to become a global movement of almost 4 million women (and men!) with links to 83 countries where members work at a grassroots level to tackle the most urgent needs challenging relationships and communities.

MU Australia (including our own branch here at TAC!) have sought to demonstrate the Christian faith in action in lots of different ways: from helping people to read in Ethiopia to knitting tiny garments for premature babies, from running parenting programs to providing home-maker parcels to refugees, MU are striving to strengthen families and transform communities for Christ.

If you’re the praying-type, can I encourage you to pray for MU – if you’d like more information, why not chat to one of the members (like Judith Johnson from 8am), or even drop into a meeting! It really is such an encouragement to see God at work through his people!

Kate Hamer