Staff Conference

During the past week the wider staff team had about 48 hours away together. We’ve been praying, singing and hearing from God as we praise Him for his goodness and ask him to be merciful to us as we seek to work hard to see people come to follow Jesus and keep following Jesus. We’ve been scheming, planning and strategising about what, under God, our priorities are for the coming 12 or so months and beyond.  We’ve been laughing, swimming and eating as we enjoy the wonderful people God has brought together to form this team.

In fact, it’s not to be taken for granted how effectively and smoothly our team operates together. We trust each other and are increasingly vulnerable before each other as we share our weaknesses and uncertainties. I am so very encouraged by the staff conference, by the staff and by God being so very generous to us here at TAC.

And, I’m super excited about what God may do among you and through you in the coming season. We’ve been sharpening our awareness of this churches weaknesses and strengths, and what we should be aiming towards—all with the glorious aim of seeing each of you and many others encounter the extraordinary God in Jesus. Please continue praying that this would happen.

Ben Allen