It’s the new year, and I’ve found that it’s the time of year that people are de-cluttering, or at least trying to. There is a constant flow of people to the clothing bin in the car park as people figure out what they need and what they don’t, people are booking council pickups and so on. Churches are notorious for clutter as we use shared spaces and lots of resources, so a few of the staff are spending some time this month trying to get on top of it before the year begins (please do your bit to not add to it :) ).

But clutter is more than the stuff in our houses and churches, it’s the things we fill our lives and time with. So, as you make plans and changes in the new year, it’s great to plan what NOT to do, as well as what to do. What are you doing that isn’t important or helpful that is stopping you from investing in things that really matter? What are we filling our kid’s lives with?

As the Church leadership team, we are also keen to focus on what is most important in 2019. Our New Year resolutions were made back in vision month, but now is the time that we are putting in place our plans to follow through. Would you take a moment to pray for us as we do this?

As a reminder… as we pray for the growth of our church family in number and diversity, and as we are continually transformed by Jesus to be a people who worship God wholeheartedly, love each other deeply and serve our community boldly… we have the following goals/resolutions;

1. To equip and empower the church to invite others to our Sunday gatherings

2. To increase the missional focus and clarity of existing ministries and groups

3. To improve membership processes across the church.

There’s a lot that goes into those things, so please pray for wisdom for what to do AND what NOT to do. And if you have any helpful suggestions please let us know via connect card or online. I’m praying for you as you set up (and hopefully de-clutter) your 2019!

Murray Colville